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This is a story about our Crispy White Fish

A couple came in last night and they both ordered the crispy white fish. ( I regret not getting a picture of them at their booth it would have personalized this story more) the last time they were in she got the fish and they agreed to share their dishes. Once she taisted the dish, she gave him a bite and refused to share anymore of her fish. She told me he pouted all week for hogging the fish dish, so this time they each got one
she told me she has a favorite seafood restaurant in Santa Monica that she claims to be THE best seafood around. She said they have a fried Sea Bass that is the best thing on the menu. Then she said that our Crispy White Fish is better.
Thankyou for enjoying our food.

Thai Fusion Bistro Catering

We will deliver delicious Thai food and bring people together. Whatever your occasion, be it a special occasion, a wedding, a big birthday or just that evening with family and friend

Fresh. Inspired. Creative. Cuisine.Thai Fusion Bistro The ONLY Thai fusion restaurant in West Hills. Come in and be inspired.

Thai Fusion Bistro

Both classic & creative Thai entrees are served in a modern interior with comfy booths & a bar.

yelp Review

The Best Thai food I’ve had in Cali. Nicely decorated, cozy, good music & the owner/host is incredibly welcoming, generously informative regarding the incredible fresh & tasty dishes available.
The waitress was on it! very friendly, with being intrusive
” Michele R.

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